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Testimonial – Mill Valley CA

Well, if you have to go to the ER while you’re on vacation, the Hilo ER is the one to visit.
After about a week of vacation on the Big Island, I developed a problem with my eye. Blood vessels looked like they were going to pop out and some raised bumps appeared that were itching like crazy.
Sunday afternoon and only a few people were in the lobby. Check-in staff got my basic info; less than five minutes we were called for blood pressure and then to ER.
The ER room was wonderful. Brand new with each patient having their own room which was a total surprise. I was in room #15, so there must have been 25 – 30 individual rooms in the ER. After a short wait, an eye exam machine rolled up.
Dr. Angelov was my doc. He was at least 6’5″, I’m 6’2.” We commented that we’re the tallest people in the ER that day. Dr. Angelov has a wonderful bedside demeanor. Sincerely concerned about your well-being; finding the problem and giving a solution.
He determined I had a corneal abrasion and another doc confirmed the diagnosis. Got my prescription filled and started treatment. Upon returning home, I was examined by my Ophthalmologist, who said I had a cornea problem and pingueculitis. Got another bottle of drops.
The eye is well. Thanks again to the Hilo ER and Dr. Angelov.

Roger W. from Mill Valley, CA