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Testimonial – They Helped Me Recover

In March 2013, I had a month-long stay at Hilo Medical Center. I spent most of my time in ICU and was able to return home because of the best kind of care given to me. My wife and I cannot thank him enough for saving me from literally choking to death.

Dr. Kannass is indeed an extraordinary doctor who exemplified “The Best in Doctoring.” My medical problem was with my lungs so Dr. Kannass, a dually trained pulmonologist and intensivist, worked closely with the surgeon. Together, they consulted each other, keeping me and my family informed every step of the way. He not only showed medical and personal concern and care for me, he was sincerely concerned and caring to my wife with encouraging words and personal attention that was so comforting and appreciated. My wife was able to go home at night and get good rest knowing I would be getting the best kind of care.

I saw Dr. Kannass constantly teach the nurses and show them the techniques and procedures for caring and attending to patients – all the while explaining and making sure he was understood. He answered every question asked, even by staff or my wife with the utmost care and respect. He is indeed special and Hilo is so fortunate to have someone of his caliber here for us.   For the past 30 years, I have been the announcer at Hilo High Vikings’ basketball and baseball games. During my recovery, I had a long way to go to regain my strength and breathing, but I made it my goal to recover so I would be able to announce in Hilo High School’s new gym.

A few of months ago, the ICU nursing staff and I visited the gym while it was under construction. The visit was a huge source of encouragement to continue to get better. My wife and I sincerely thank Dr. Kannass and the nursing staff for being here for us. Because of them, I have achieved my goal to regain my strength.

When Hilo High School opens their new gym, in the very near future, I will be there!