Ambulatory Surgery Unit

About Our Services

The Ambulatory Surgery Unit (ASU)  provides care to all ages of patients from newborn to elderly who may need surgery, outpatient procedure or injection/infusion. Most patients are only in the ASU for a few hours, hence the commonly-known name, "Short Stay." The unit is made of a nurses' station surrounded by 13 bays to provide continuous observation. Family members may stay with the patients for the duration of their stay in ASU. We also have a large and comfortable lobby outside ASU for patients' family and friends.

Highly Trained Staff

ASU Registered Nurses are specialized and highly trained in the most recent pre-operative and post-operative care per ASPAN standards (American Society or Peri-Anesthesia Nurses). They are certified in Advanced Cardiac Life Support and Pediatric Advanced Life Support. The RN’s are assisted by a Licensed Practical Nurse and Certified Nurse Assistant, and supported by a Health Unit Clerk.

What to Expect

Prior to surgery, patients may receive a phone call from an ASU nurse to obtain a health history and medication list. This nurse will also provide instructions about what to do the night and day before surgery and answer any question you may have. Patients arrive to ASU to “check-in” for surgery whether they will be discharged the same day or staying overnight. ASU also assists the radiology department to “check-in” and recover patients undergoing outpatient tests that may require sedation and monitoring post-procedure. Checking in for surgery involves obtaining/verifying health history information and physical assessment to make sure you are safe to have surgery. Once completed, you will be placed on a gurney and taken to the Operating Room Holding Area where you will meet your surgical and anesthesia team.

If being discharged after surgery, you will return to ASU to make sure you are stable to be discharged and we will provide discharge teaching.   There are many people who receive blood transfusions, IV therapies, injections and treatments by the ASU nurses.  

Our Mission

The Ambulatory Surgery Unit’s mission is to provide safe and efficient care to patients undergoing surgical and radiological procedures, IV therapies, blood transfusions, injections and treatments. We strive to maintain patient comfort and encourage involvement of patient’s in their plan of care with the collaboration of the health care team (family, anesthesia, primary doctor). 

Community Involvement

Ambulatory Surgery Staff supports our community in the Relay for Life, EMS run, United Way, American Heart Walk, Walk a Mile in Her Shoes, Ladies Night Out, and many Hilo Medical Center Foundation activities. 

Location, Contact Information and Hours of Operation

The Ambulatory Surgery Unit is located on the second floor and may be reached by calling (808) 932-3476. Hours of operation are 5:00 am to 5:30 pm, weekdays excluding holidays.

Manager: Catherine Matthews, RN, BSN, CHEP may be contacted at (808) 932-3130.