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Hospital Preparedness for COVID-19

This page will be updated regularly to include inform our community about our hospital’s preparedness to COVID-19. KEY FACT SHEETS & INFORMATION (Regularly Updated) Dedicated staff on our COVID Unit Frequently Asked Questions COVID-19 EHR Fact Sheet on Beds, Vents, Testing, PPE Mask Wearing 101 print ad Wear Your Mask Properly with Infection Prevention Director Chad Shibuya – 30 second commercial airing on Spectrum channels Safe hospital. Safe patients. Safe staff. Proper Mask

Managing employees (Travelers) returning from China

Frequently Asked Questions Hawaii Department of Health (HDOH) is providing these resources specific to management of employees who have returned to Hawaii from travel in areas with known transmission of 2019‐ nCov. For general information about 2019-nCoV, read our 2019-nCoV FAQ, and visit our website for updated information. Many employers and businesses in Hawaii are concerned about the current outbreak of the 2019 Novel Coronavirus (2019-nCoV) and the potential impacts to their business communities and wish to take appropriate steps to mitigate any risks. Click the

Novel Coronavirus: What You Need to Know

Coronavirus is a type of virus that causes diseases of varying severities, ranging from the common cold to more serious respiratory disease. A novel (new) coronavirus is a new strain of coronavirus that hasn’t been identified before in humans. Click on the image above to open a PDF version in a new tab.