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COVID-19 Vaccination Application

Click on the link to view the instructional video to schedule your appointment on VAMS:

If you qualify for any of the below groups, please fill out the appropriate form. You must bring your identification and insurance card to your appointment. For essential workers a work ID/work paystub will also be required.

Upon completion of the below forms, your information will be submitted to the CDC. You will receive an email from the CDC within two business days to register for the VAMS website. Please watch this instructional video to learn how to register and schedule your appointment on the VAMS website by clicking here.

After creating your VAMS account, you can schedule an appointment at any available vaccine distribution site on Hawaii Island. The VAMS user manual can be found by clicking here.

Each recipient MUST have an individual email address to sign up, you cannot have the same email address as any other vaccine recipient, it must be unique to you.

Please Be Aware of Hilo Medical Center's Vaccine Availability
  1. Hilo Medical Center is focused on specializing in vaccinating our kupuna.
  2. We are currently vaccinating our kupuna 75 years and older.
  3. 65+ can complete the 1st step of the registration process on Pre-registering on our site will hold your place in line to receive an email from the CDC  to register for your shot.
  4. In order to ensure vaccines are available for you, we only open appointment slots as vaccines become available. Currently all vaccine supplies are being utilized by our 75+ population. Until we receive additional vaccines, we will not be vaccinating 65+ and other groups until further notice.
  5. Vaccination appointments for 65+ will be made available as vaccines are received.
  6. Please refrain from calling the helpline if you are not 75 and older to allow access for our very senior and most vulnerable population.
  7. Our commitment is to give out the vaccines we receive – currently a 1,000  plus doses per week.
  8. Please continue to visit us at for the latest information about our vaccination clinic.

Medical Professionals
Group 1A

Essential Workers

75 and Over
Group 1B

75 Years or Older

Non-Medical Essential Workers
Group 1B - Start date TBD*

Non-Medical Essential Workers

65 to 74 Years Old
Group 1C - Start Date TBD*

65 to 74 Years Old