Exceptional, Nationally Recognized Care for Our Community

Our dedication to integrating “best practices” in patient care and focus on maximizing our MEDITECH electronic health records system have made an impact. In recent months, our hospital received honors and accolades that recognize important milestones in our transformation as a leading hospital in Hawaii and the nation. 

Top 2% in Preventing Hospital-Acquired Conditions & Infections

In 2015, Hilo Medical Center had the best scores in the state for preventing hospital-acquired conditions with just 54 hospitals in the country posted better scores. This ranking demonstrates the high quality of our services that result in better outcomes for our patients.

“We have an incredible team of physicians, nurses, aides and housekeepers in all clinical areas who care deeply about our community and are committed to quality and patient satisfaction,” said Dan Brinkman, East Hawaii Regional CEO of Hawaii Health Systems Corporation.

The ranking by Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) scored HMC with a 1.5 for hospital-acquired conditions, placing us among the top 2% of the 3,308 hospitals across the nation involved in the CMS HAC Reduction Program.

HMC created multi-disciplinary teams to research best practices for minimizing patient infections, particularly with patients who have foley catheters, central lines, surgical procedures, or are assisted by a ventilator.

Beacon Award of Excellence in Critical Care

Hilo Medical Center’s Intensive Care Unit has been recognized for providing exceptional, nationally recognized care. The American Association for Critical-Care Nurses (AACN) named our ICU as a recipient of the Beacon Award for Excellence in 2016, only the second ICU to receive the award in the state.

The unit has been recognized for employing evidence-based practices to improve patient outcomes and patient and staff satisfaction. As a bronze-level awardee, HMC’s ICU demonstrated success in developing, deploying and integrating unit-based performance criteria for optimal outcomes.

“Certainly, our goal is to attain the gold-level of the Beacon Award,” said Arthur Sampaga Jr., HMC’s Chief Nursing Officer. “Our patients are already benefiting from our staff having engaged in the Beacon award program by applying significant changes to the unit workflow and processes.”

“In addition, by participating in the Beacon award, our staff has been motivated to obtain their national certification in Critical-Care Nursing,” added Sampaga. “The majority of our ICU staff is certified and has a deeper understanding and competency of what it takes to care for our sickest patients. I congratulate our staff for assuming responsibility in achieving the goals they’re setting for themselves.”

Gold Plus Award for Heart Failure

In 2016, the American Heart Association awarded Hilo Medical Center the Gold Plus award for their Get with the Guidelines program for Heart Failure. According to AHA, the program is an in-hospital program for improving care by promoting consistent adherence to the latest scientific treatment guidelines. Numerous published studies demonstrate the program's success in achieving significant patient outcome improvements. Among the proven results are reductions in 30-day readmissions, a measure now used by CMS in determining CMS reimbursement rates.

Hospitals, like HMC, receiving Get With The Guidelines Gold Plus Achievement Award have reached an aggressive goal of treating (heart failure or stroke) patients with 85 percent or higher compliance to core standard levels of care as outlined by the American Heart Association/American Stroke Association for 24 consecutive months. In addition, those hospitals have demonstrated 75 percent compliance to (four out of nine heart failure quality measures or seven out of ten stroke quality measures) during the 12-month period.

Quality Assurance and Performance Improvement Accreditation

Hilo Medical Center’s Extended Care Facility received national accreditation for Quality Assurance and Performance Improvement Accreditation in 2016. This award recognizes that our physicians and staff are dedicated to continually assessing the quality of the care they provide to their residents against federal regulations and standards at an ongoing rate, and correcting identified issues.

According to Andrew Kramer, M.D., Chief Executive Officer at Providigm: “Hilo Medical Center is an excellent example of a nursing center taking initiative to proactively identify and correct quality concerns. Their commendable use of the abaqis Quality Management System ensures that they are constantly monitoring important quality of care and life issues for their residents.”

Nicholas E. Davies Award of Excellence for Electronic Health Record

In 2015, Hilo Medical Center was recognized by HIMSS, a global organization focused on better health through information technology, for developing a proven health information technology system. 

The East Hawaii Regional Board and Hilo Medical Center executive team invested in the multi-year implementation of MEDITECH 6.0x electronic health record system to improve patient outcomes and support the efforts of doctors and nurses. The leadership also invested in MEDITECH’s financial and cost accounting systems in order to improve financial performance. In light of the Region’s proven achievements, Healthcare Information Management Systems Society (HIMSS) selected Hilo Medical Center as the first “safety net” hospital to receive its prestigious Enterprise Davies Award. Hilo Medical Center stands as one of only 39 hospitals to have received this awarded since 1994.

“Our employees, physicians and board members are committed to delivering high quality patient centered care to East Hawaii,” said Dan Brinkman, East Hawaii Regional CEO of HHSC. “As early adopters of health information technology, we have successfully integrated our electronic health record system into our daily operations, giving us valuable analytical data and also strengthening systems to ensure patient safety, quality of care and fiscal performance. Hilo Medical Center’s in-house team championed our technology transformation and their dedication has resulted in national excellence.”

The Davies award followed HMC’s HIMSS Stage 7 designation in 2014 that acknowledged the hospital’s work to achieve “the pinnacle of an environment where paper charts are no longer used to deliver patient care.” As the first public hospital in Hawaii Health Systems Corporation to implement an EMR in May 2010, this milestone put HMC among the elite few in the United States to have accomplished the highest level and final stage of EMR adoption.