Hilo Medical Center Celebrates Nurses Certification Day

Hilo Medical Center celebrates 60 of our nurses, today, Thursday, March 19 on National Certified Nurses Day, and every day to honor and recognize the important achievement of nursing specialty and subspecialty certification. Certification is a milestone of personal excellence along the professional journey. Below is a list of nurses who received their certification.

CNML:  Certified Nurse Manager Leader

  • Arthur Sampaga, Assistant Director of Nursing
  • Maureen Gapp, Intensive Care Unit Nurse Manager   

CEN:  Certified Emergency Nurse

  • Jeb Gooding, Emergency Department
  • Jenna Comier, Clinical Coordinator, Emergency Department       
  • Joanna Farinas, Emergency Department              
  • Kelly Egan, Emergency Department        
  • Lisamarie Nance, Emergency Department            
  • Maile Nakamura, Emergency Department           
  • Maria Osha-Smithe, Emergency Department     
  • Maria Grisham, Emergency Department
  • Nathan West, Emergency Department
  • Sarah De Silva, Emergency Department

CCRN: Critical Care Registered Nurse

  • Amanda Wagenblast, Intensive Care Unit
  • Jillian R. Klassen, Intensive Care Unit
  • Jolani Shrinski, Intensive Care Unit
  • Lauren Kish, Intensive Care Unit
  • Stephanie Price, Intensive Care Unit
  • Victoria Ann Seebruch, Intensive Care Unit
  • Aliisa Wasserman, Clinical Coordinator, Intensive Care Unit
  • Arthur Garza, Intensive Care Unit
  • Esperanza Hilton, Intensive Care Unit
  • Jay Fincher, Nursing Educator, Intensive Care Unit
  • Jill Jenkins, Intensive Care Unit
  • Louise Fincher, Trauma Coordinator, Emergency Department
  • Patricia Hensley, Risk Management Assistant
  • Rose Broughton, Intensive Care Unit
  • Allyson Wong, Intensive Care Unit
  • Arthur Sampaga, (Also CNML) Assistant Director of Nursing

 CIC: Certified in Infection Control

  • Chad Shibuya, Infection Control Coordinator

 CNOR: Certified in Perioperative Nursing

  • Jay R. Delfin, Operating Room

 CNRN: Certified Neuroscience Registered Nurse

  • Allyson Wong (Also CCRN), Intensive Care Unit

 CDE: Certified Diabetes Educator

  • Colleen Talich, Diabetic Education

PCCN: Progressive Care Nursing Certification

  • Alohaleiokalani Rocha, Progressive Care Unit
  • Chrislyn Hudak, Intensive Care Unit
  • Chrystal Etrata, Progressive Care Unit
  • Derek H. Namihira, Progressive Care Unit
  • Ian Garcia, Progressive Care Unit
  • Kelly Okada, Progressive Care Unit
  • Maria Alicia Saturay, Progressive Care Unit
  • Ruth Transfiguracion, Progressive Care Unit
  • Sarah Jean Kekela-Andrade, Progressive Care Unit

 RNC-OB :  Registered Nurse Certified in Obstetrics

  • Megan Everly, Obstetrics Unit
  • Aleja River, Obstetrics Unit
  • Alisha Alip, Obstetrics Unit
  • Christine Butcher, Obstetrics Unit
  • Kendra Jitchaku , Obstetrics Unit
  • Laura Kauhi-Leffingwell, Obstetrics Unit
  • Lori Cuyo, Obstetrics Unit
  • Lorna M.B. Liepold , Obstetrics Unit
  • Marisa Rosehill, Obstetrics Unit
  • Michelle Fisher, Obstetrics Unit
  • Michelle Johnson, Obstetrics Unit
  • Rosemary Snyder, Obstetrics Unit 
  • Ruth Ann Rivera, Obstetrics Unit
  • Susanne Payn, Obstetrics Unit
  • Maya Takaba, Obstetrics Unit
  • Desiree Zimmerman, Obstetrics Unit
  • Denise Rapoza, Obstetrics Unit

 PMHN: Certified Psychiatric and Mental Health Nursing

  • Albert Gardner, Behavioral Health
  • Lembi James, Behavioral Health

 CWCN: Certified Wound Care Nurse

  • Darlene Domingo, Wound Care
  • John Stowell, Wound Care