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Trauma Services

Ulu and Louise from HMCs Emergency DepartmentIn 2011 and, again in 2014, Hilo Medical Center was certified by the State Department of Health as a Level III Trauma Center. Our hospital meets high standards in the care of trauma patients involved in serious injuries and accidents.

Trauma Program standards include having a Trauma Activation Team, consisting of health care professionals (nurses, respiratory therapists, radiology technologists, laboratory technicians, surgeons and Emergency Department staff) who are available to respond to the Emergency Department to care for trauma patients immediately and care for them throughout their hospital stay. Since 2010, we have had over 1,000 Trauma Activations and cared for over 1,600 trauma patients.

A key component of our trauma program is dedicated to preventing further injuries. We participate in many community events and health fairs to offer prevention information on a wide variety of areas such as: alcohol and drug use prevention; helmet and bike safety; distracted driving prevention; and fall prevention.