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Patient Portal and TeleHealth Frequently Asked Questions

Patient Portal Questions:

  • • How do I get an East Hawaii Patient Portal account?
    • • Once we have your email address recorded in your patient chart, an enrollment email is automatically sent to you. The email you receive will be from . The email may fall into your junk or spam mail if it’s the first time you are receiving and email from us. Enrollment emails are active for 14 days
  • • Can I access the patient portal from my cell phone?
  • • Can I access the patient portal from my computer?
    • • Yes, preferred browsers for Telehealth Visits are Chrome, Safari, Edge, or Firefox
  • • What do I do if I forgot my user name and password?
    • • Send an email to and notify them that you forgot your user id and password. An account reset will be emailed to you after demographic information is verified. This link is good for 48 hours
  • • Can my family access my patient portal account?
    • • Yes, you can give family members, such as parents or healthcare proxies, access to your Portal. This needs to be done in person at your healthcare facility and requires consent from you and your family members.
  • • Where does my health information come from in the Patient Portal?
    • • All of the information in the Portal comes from your Electronic Health Record. This ensures that you have access to the most accurate, up-to-date information.
    • • If you do not see the records that you are looking for, please contact our medical records department directly by dialing 808-932-3450.

Telehealth Questions:

  • • What do I need to have a Telehealth visit?
    • • An active East Hawaii Patient Portal account
    • • A computer -OR- a smartphone -OR- a laptop -OR- a tablet WITH a high-speed internet connection. You might also need speakers
    • • A quiet, private, well-lit space to talk with your care team.
  • • Will the doctor call me on the phone for my Telehealth appointment?
    • • No, Telehealth appointments are done though the Hilo Medical Center Patient Portal. You need to create a Patient Portal account prior to your Telehealth appointment. You can access your Telehealth visit from your computer, laptop, smartphone or tablet.
  • • Can I use my cell phone for my Telehealth visit?
  • • Can I use my computer to do my Telehealth appointment?
    • • Yes, simply log in to (website address) and log in. Please ensure you have the following: a web camera (so we can see you) and headset or microphone (so we can hear you) and speakers or headphones (so you can hear us).
  • • How early can I log in for my Telehealth appointment?
    • • 30 minutes. A check in announcement will show up on the home screen of your patient portal within 30 minutes of your scheduled appointment. See image below
  • • What happens if I check in too late for my telehealth visit?
    • • Message appears in patient portal stating check-in has passed and to please contact the clinic to reschedule appointment.
  • • Who do I contact after my Telehealth visit if I have more questions?
    • • Please call your clinic