Employee Spotlight

Saul McGirr, RN

Saul McGirr, RN

Intensive Care Unit Nurse

“I would like to nominate Saul McGirr because of the compassionate care he consistently gives all his patients. I have seen Saul connect with his patients to help them through critical health issues, reduce their anxiety, and be the bridge of communication between doctors and families. He has the awesome ability of simplifying and making information relatable to his patients. He is a “Gentle Giant,” always providing excellent bedside patient care. One example in particular, was a special needs patient admitted for pneumonia. The patient was out of his care home surroundings, away from his caregiver, and scared. Saul took the time to connect with the man, learning his interests and making efforts to communicate at a level of the man’s understanding. He also updated the caregiver frequently, to ensure in their absence the man was receiving excellent care. I witnessed Saul staying in the patient’s room to chart just so the man would have company, and at one point holding his hand during a lab blood draw for support and encouragement.” — Denise Dalton, ICU nurse


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