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To find a physician at Hilo Medical Center, please use the search criteria provided below.

Name Offices Specialties
Leckova, Katarina, MDEHH 1285 Cancer Center - Hematology, Oncology
Chong Tercero, Katrina, PA-C, MHSEHHC 1285 Primary care - Hilo, Hawaii 96720Physician assistant, Primary Care
Luscomb, Kelly, APRNEHHC Vascular Surgery - Hilo, Hawaii 96720Nurse Practitioner, Vascular Surgery
Lau, Kerry, PA-CEHH Plastic Surgery - Hilo, Hawaii 96720
Cote, Kimberly, MS, FNP-BC, AOCNPEHH Cancer Center - Hilo, Hawaii 96720Oncology
Dufruax, Kimberly, DNP, MS, NP-CEHHC 1285 Primary care - Hilo, Hawaii 96720
Collins, Landon, APRNEHHC Kea`au - Keaau, HI 96749Nurse Practitioner, Urgent Care
Lind, Andrew, MDEHHC General Surgery - Hilo, HI 96720General Surgery
Gemer, Linda, MDEHH 1285 Cancer Center - Hilo, Hawaii 96720Oncology, Radiation Oncology
Trutter, Lindsey, MDEHHC 1190 Cardiology - Hilo, Hawaii 96720Cardiology, Interventional Radiology
Santiago, Lyric, MDEHHC 1285 Urology - Hilo, Hawaii 96720Urology
Marshall, Matthew, NPEHHC Pahoa - Pāhoa, HI 96778Nurse Practitioner, Urgent Care
Robey, Melissa, MD, IBCLCEHHC 1190 Primary care - Hilo, Hawaii 96720Family Medicine, Obstetrics
Walters, Micheal, MDEHHC 1190 Interventional Radiology - Hilo, Hawaii 96720Interventional Radiology
Awan, Najam, MDEHHC 1190 Cardiology - Hilo, Hawaii 96720Cardiology
Arzaga, Noemi, DNP, FNP-BCEHH 1285 Cancer Center - Hilo, Hawaii 96720Nurse Practitioner, Oncology
Sumida, Paige, DNP, APRNEHHC 1190 Primary Care - Hilo, Hawaii 96720Nurse Practitioner, Primary Care
Phanhtharath , Phylavanh, RN, MSN, ACNS-BCEHHC 1190 Neurology - Hilo, Hawaii 96720Neurology, Nurse Practitioner
Pierce, Joshua, MD, FACSEHHC General Surgery - Hilo, Hawaii 96720General Surgery
DeBurger, Rebecca, PA-CEHHC 1190 Cardiology - Hilo, Hawaii 96720Cardiology, Physician assistant
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